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"Renee is a wealth of knowledge! When standard medical answers/treatments become exhausting...Renee offers an in-depth, holistic approach to assist in curing an issue at its root and not just putting a bandaid on it! "                                                                                          

                                                                               Lisa Lind RN

"Renee has a great insight on the role of nutrition on our health. Autism is widely spread among children world wide. In the United States every 1 out of 57 child has been diagnosed with Autism. Definitely, Renee has discussed this matter with me several times and the published research has indicated that diet and nutrition has impacted the daily behavior of autistic children. Renee has indicated that avoiding food allergies appear to improve the health conditions of Autistic children. Increase vitamin and minerals and balanced blood sugar is important to improve behaviors. ADH-Hyperactivity and autism share several clinical signs. Therefore, balancing blood sugar and good diet is crucial to maintain the health of autistic children."

                                                             Dr. Ash Ansara,  DVM, Ph.D. 

"Renee has been inspirational in sharing her knowledge of holistic practices with family and friends. She teaches through experience and does not stop learning! She is the future of non traditional medical practices. There is a definite need for medical and holistic healings to join forces and Renee is leading the way and I am one of her biggest fans!!!"

                                                                   Sharon Daubner


"Do you see this? This is my boy, Mordecai. Momo was born three months prematurely weighing 2 lbs. 3 oz. He developed a grade four and grade three ivh (intra ventricular hemorrhage) in his brain. He has permanent brain damage (unless God moves to miraculously heal that which is severely damaged). Because of this damage, Mordecai has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. We have seen God move throughout his life- saving him by miracle after miracle.

Do you know that if you ask God for wisdom that He will give it to you? I've cried out MANY times, and God has led us to what was happening and how we could help Mordecai medically. This in turn has helped other children, as Momo attends a teaching hospital, and has trained in over 20 neurosurgeons alone.


A dear friend and former NICU nurse of Momo's, LiLi Janell, said that I should reach out to Renee Richetto.

Our whole house was sick, and my middle child, Isaiah, had had a fever for WEEKS. We made numerous doctor visits- tried antibiotics- all were unfruitful. Renee suggested colloidal silver. I had my son take it three times a day. The following day he was back to his old self. An answer to prayer when you have unknown illness with an exuberant youth! 

Renee shares the knowledge that God has gifted her with. When she shared some information about magnesium- I read, thinking it could help my husband who has frequent heart palpitations. BUT... it lead to an answer to prayer for my Momo. We have gone from 40+ monthly seizures and a minimum of one status seizure per month (those lasting over five minutes- in case many HOURS) down to three small seizures a month (10-15 seconds long) and only ONE status seizure in three months! Wow! God is sooo good! If Lili had not been faithful in introducing us via Facebook; if Renee had not been faithful to share the wisdom God has given, my son would be a hot mess. Drugged up, dumbed down, and seizing constantly. We must do the work that God has put before us! Don't take it lightly!

Renee has helped my family tremendously by sharing the wisdom that God has given her. But realize these "pearls of wisdom" will not always be taken well by others. "Don't cast your pearls before the swine, lest they turn and tear you asunder."

Do you see this boy? He is a picture of God's love and care towards us. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you for the awesome family of believers that you give us!!"


                                                                              Tanya Johnson


Mom & MoMo

Renee is the person I reach out to when I have a health related question. She is knowledgeable and provides Health & Wellness recommendations as a preventative measure so I can better fuel my body, and, help avoid negative reactions for the present and future.                                                                                                                                        Leslie McMillan

Renee’s expertise in the area of Medical Cannabis was greatly appreciated when my Dad and then our dog were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer . Her insight and recommendations into my rare autoimmune disease has allowed me to begin to heal. I want to thank Renee for her compassion for helping people be the best they can be with the use of functional medicine

                                                                           Karen Laidig Lenord

                  "Renee is brilliant and, she knows her stuff!" 

                                                        Marjorie Laidig Terhune

                                                       RN, Director of Nursing, Retired