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Thank you for visiting my page. Fingers crossed this means you are ready to embark on a new trail that puts the control of your Health & Wellness back into your lap. 

In 2013 I developed a successful cancer protocol for a horse using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I was published and the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School Oncology Department requested my findings, being informed no one else had ever attempted any such thing previously.  My publication caught the attention of well known cancer author Ty Bollinger - "The Truth About Cancer" and was requested to become Ty's ghost writer (which I eventually turned down).  I also was asked to write for well known alternative health author Tamara St. John. 

In 2015 I had a life threatening health crisis from very difficult to diagnose “Adrenal Dysfunction” due to undiagnosed “Non- Classical Celiac” disease - which was only first discovered through genetic testing in June of 2018. Saliva testing confirmed what regular blood tests cannot by revealing extremely low cortisol/Adrenal Dysfunction in 2015, finally bringing me to the doorstep of Functional Medicine thanks primarily to the advanced knowledge of the above mentioned authors.


Unfortunately, I was disbelieved and "misdiagnosed" by a family member who is a physician in conventional medicine and as a result of this "misdiagnosis" I subsequently lost everything held dear in life including my marriage of 17 years. The path of Functional Medicine thankfully took me away from the closed minds, ridicule, and disbelief by those in conventional medicine, instead being surrounded by those in Functional Medicine who frequently treat individuals just like myself and was relieved to finally be taken seriously and the path to healing my mind, body, and spirit began!


That horrific journey has now developed into this page, it is turning into a book aptly named "Educating the Educated ©", and has now brought you here, turning my tragedy into your health success, and just for that, I am grateful.


You may read about my health crisis and how I healed myself naturally, through Functional Medicine without any synthetic medications by downloading my free E-Book "How This Was All Simply Orchestrated" on my home page. 

For several decades my passion, and quite frankly what lit me up like a Christmas tree, was studying and discussing physiology in depth, that being nutrition, the way vitamins and minerals interact. How deficiencies can affect our body at the cellular level, and correlation to various disorders and disease, in both Creature and Human. Functional Medicine made complete sense as a path to take when presented with a fork in the road. 

Functional/Integrative Medicine is rapidly gaining attention and traction in our country vs. our traditional medical practices, which typically treat symptoms through synthetic pharmaceuticals. Functional Medicine on the other hand, digs to the root cause of your symptoms, and the heart of the matter  - knowing, most all disease starts in the gut, but, more importantly, so does prevention and healing, and that is my focus, through education, choosing rather to use God's Farmacy vs. man's pharmacy.


We also know doctors spend on average of less than 7 minutes with each patient. Not nearly the time required to educate you on how to achieve those complex goals 

they set forth for you! 


As a Functional Medicine Health Coach,  I help you achieve your own personal health goals or, the health goals your physician sets forth, but does not have time to educate how to go about acquiring and enacting on these complex instructions. This includes education at the molecular level how Medical Cannabis could also greatly benefit your health, since we now know we have an Endogenous Endocannabinoid System (ECS) discovered approximately 20 years ago, which strongly supports our endocrine system.

Functional Medicine uses a common sense, scientific evidence based approach, digging into those potential health triggers.  Healing can begin through education I provide and prevention enacted, allowing you to make the decisions, while I walk along side you during your amazing Health transformation!


If you wish to discuss your health & wellness further, you may select a session which best fits your needs under "Sessions" on my home page.













There is a film that has peeled off the eyes of those in Functional Medicine, we are so thankful to now see and understand what constitutes true healing. We are passionate about passing on this torch of truth through education, and you, are the beneficiaries when we share this life changing "gospel of good health". 

Please feel free to reach out with any general questions via phone or email through the Contact link on my home page.  


Here is to simply orchestrating your health!

Simply yours,

Renee Richetto Grul - The Conductor

Health & Wellness Author, Writer, & Speaker

Holistic Cannabis Practitioner &

Functional Medicine Health Coach


© 2018 Simply Orchestrated, LLC.


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